PR Masterclasses – The Art of Writing Press Releases with Geraldine Vesey

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: £25
Course dates: Tuesday May 18th 2021  Online via Zoom 7pm until 8.30pm

THIS MASTERCLASS IS NOW CLOSED FOR BOOKINGS. PLEASE EMAIL for details of further Masterclasses Autumn 2021.

Who is this for?

The Masterclass is recommended for those:

  • Interested into stepping into the world of PR as a career
  • New businesses wanting an insight into the kind of PR they should be undertaking
  • Freelance PRs who want to enhance their skills by gaining expert advice from experts

What does the course cover?

The Art of Writing Press Releases includes:

  • What a press release is for and why they are important
  • The press release template
  • Tips to write a compelling press release
  • The importance of the hook

What to expect?

Broadcast Presenter and PR Consultant, Michelle Eagleton hosts an hour and half online PR Masterclass with Geraldine Vesey, former MD of SKV Communications and current owner of Vesey Communications sharing experiences and invaluable advice.  The session ends with a 15-minute Q and A ‘hotseat’ where participants can pose questions to the expert.


Geraldine Vesey has 30 years’ experience in PR, and a track record of delivering impactful and measurable campaigns. Strategic thinking is combined with digital content and media relations to change the way people think, act and behave. She is a former director of SKV Communications which won more than 50 industry awards and worked with BUPA and Siemens Digital Industries.  

The PR Masterclass Series

The Masterclass sessions focus on a different theme each week and discuss the future of PR, the direction the industry is going and tips from leading experts in their field.

This event is supported by the University of Salford Arts, Media and Creative Technology School which is investing in training for the media and creative technology workforce. The Pipeline is designed to support staff and freelancers to upskill and stay connected.

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