The need for skilled practitioners in the craft sectors of the media and creative technology industries is rising exponentially as more content is being created across platforms. Skills across the Post Production and Visual Effects pipelines are in constant demand.

Our Experts

Our trainers are vastly experienced across these sectors and are proven experts in their field and offer training on proprietary industry software. Our four-part training series using Epic Games 3D creative platform Unreal Engine, offer participants the opportunity to build an environment and our four-day course on Edit Producing build skills across this complex job role. The 1-day ‘Fundamentals of‘ sessions cover in-demand jobs across the VFX and POST pipelines and are led by leading industry practitioners.

Our Courses

Unreal Engine Masterclass Series: Building an Environment

The ability to create 3D computer imagery in real time is revolutionising the Film and TV industries.  Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool.  It gives creators control to deliver cutting-edge content, interactive experiences and immersive virtual worlds and is key to current and future technologies and workflow challenges. The possibilities offered by physical sets augmented with CGI is demanding new skills of all creatives across the production and craft pipelines. These 4 x 1-day sessions can be undertaken as a series or stand-alone with each session offering a specific skill within the Unreal Engine pipeline.

The Edit Producing role combines a range of technical and production skills and is highlighted by ScreenSkills (2021) as an in-demand role within Unscripted production with shortages across the Post-production pipeline. This four-day weekend course take participants through case studies and exercises to build an understanding of storytelling, editing sequences and working with editors.

Our one-day ‘Fundamentals of’ series are being developed for delivery in 2022:

The Fundamentals of the Post Production Supervisor

The Fundamentals of Data Wrangling

The Fundamentals of the VFX Pipeline

The Fundamentals of the Digital Imaging Technician

The Fundamentals of the Post Production Runner

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