Unreal Engine – Session 4 – Lighting, Materials and Blueprints

Our Unreal Engine 4-part series is launching Spring 2022 delivered by industry experts in our specialist suites at MCUK.

Contact Creative Director – Christine Pyke for further details: enquiries.pipelinemedia@salford.ac.uk

Who is this for?

Any creatives (filmmaker’s VFX artists, animators, graphic designer and production staff keen to develop their skills and knowledge of real-time visualisation and virtual production.

What prior knowledge /training?

Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of navigating Unreal Engine if they did not already attend Session 1. This will follow on from a scene made in Session 2. It is recommended to download the Unreal Engine version prior to the start of the session.

Create an account and download the software for free here.

Download the assets we will be using here.

What does the course cover?

  • What are Blueprints?
  • How are they used?
  • PBR Textures
  • Navigating the material editor
  • Creating custom materials
  • Vertex Painting
  • Material Instances
  • Mipmap
  • Lighting Basics
  • Raytracing vs Baked Lighting
  • Lightmap UVs

What to expect?

The full-day training is delivered in our specialist suites at MCUK, Salford. Delegates will be able to watch or follow along with the intended outcome to feel comfortable navigating around the software, the key aspects of working in Unreal Engine to start creating content and blocking out a simple scene layout.

Trainer: Owen Calderbank

With a background in both 3D and 2D, I have worked on a wide array of projects in Games, Marketing, Animation, AR, developing skills, troubleshooting and enhancing knowledge of a vast amount of software and understanding the numerous pipelines for the various industries working in both pre-rendered and real-time.  I’ve been doing demonstrations for undergraduate and postgraduate students in a range of course areas in software packages such as Autodesk, Substance, Adobe and game engines like Unreal.

The Unreal Engine series

The training sessions focus on a different topic each week and introduces participants to fundamental aspects of Unreal Engine.  

This event is supported by the University of Salford Arts, Media and Creative Technology School which is investing in training for the media and creative technology workforce. It is designed to support staff and freelancers to upskill and stay connected.

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