Unscripted Junior Editor Programme

The Pipeline was delighted to be working with ScreenSkills on a fantastic new Unscripted Junior Editor training programme to address the industry wide shortages in this role within this sector.  The 12-month programme from September 2022 to September 2023 recruited 20 experienced edit assistants and/or assistant editors currently working within 20 Post facilities across the UK as staff or freelancers selected through a rigorous recruitment process to step up to the role of junior editor undergoing a 6-month intensive period of online and work-based training by experts with industry-led Masterclasses.

Concurrently 20 edit assistants were recruited through a targeted campaign across the nations and regions to work within these 20 Post facilities to fill the vacancy left within the Post facility as the current edit assistant/ assistant editor steps up to junior editor. 

This programme was supported by the ScreenSkills Unscripted TV Skills Fund which invests in training for the unscripted workforce thanks to contributions from broadcasters, SVoDs and production companies.

What it covered

The programme offered participants an industry-led online training into the complex and fast moving post production pipeline through the lens of the two roles. The training was delivered by working post production professionals and will build technical, creative, professional and personal skills.

Participants gained time within a UK-based Post facility for first-hand experience to build confidence to gain employment within this complex technical sector.